In Your Area: Crookes

Crookes ward is in the West of Sheffield and contains Crookes, as well as parts of Hallam, Sandygate, and Crosspool.

Nick Clegg in Crosspool with campaigners fighting to save Broomhill Library

In Crookes local Liberal Democrats have been fighting to:

  • Work with local residents to identify safety and anti-social behaviour issues.
  • Protect Broomhill Library from closure.
  • Improve bus services to Crookes, Crosspool and Sandygate.
  • Campaign for Crookes to get its fair share of road safety funding.
  • Oppose the allocation of green land in Crookes and Crosspool for new housing developments.
  • Introduce a new 20 mph zone in the Steel Bank area of Crookes.

You can learn more about what local Lib Dems are doing Crookes by clicking here.

Local Councillors

Crookes has one Lib Dem councillor. Learn more about him below:

Name: Cllr Rob Frost

Years as councillor: 2                    Term Ends: May 2016

Bio: Rob Frost has lived in Crookes Ward all his life. Rob was born in Crosspool and attended local schools. He also has strong links with the local community – none more so than through his active and long-standing involvement with Hallam Cricket Club. Rob was elected in 2012 and at 24 was one of the youngest councillors in Sheffield.  Rob has continue to campaign to improve local bus services, save Broomhill Library and oppose inappropriate developments.

Tel: 0758 136 4133                E-mail: 

Surgeries: Contact Rob on 0758 136 4133 to arrange a mutually convenient meeting in an appropriate location. He will aim to see you within a couple of days.