This is the website of the 18 local Liberal Democrat councillors and dozens of campaigners working for local communities right across Sheffield. You can keep up to date with local news, get in contact with your local Lib Dem team and see how you can get involved in local Lib Dem action.

What we’re fighting for

The Liberal Democrats exist to build a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community. We’ve fighting to lead the Council in Sheffield because we want to:

- Give you power over how your taxes are spent in your local area and a fundamental voice in how the Council operates, not dictaks from the centre and Town-Hall-knows-best mentality;

- Put fairness at the heart of the Council, by ensuring that every area in Sheffield gets a fair deal, not just Labour’s ‘favoured areas’ and by committing to protect the most vulnerable in our city;

- Protect the Sheffield’s reputation as the Greenest City in the UK by standing up for the local environment and treasured green spaces and opposing plans to build on our beloved parks;

- Support local jobs and help Sheffield’s economy to grow, by building a Council which will work with local businesses rather than against them;

- Act in a responsible manner with local taxpayers’ money by cutting down on Town Hall ‘fat cats’ and opposing Labour’s white elephants.


The Liberal Democrats ran Sheffield City Council from 2008-2011. In that time, Lib Dem leadership transformed the way Town Hall worked and left a lasting mark on our city. In three years we saw:

  • Power handed back to local people and their councillors through local ‘Community Assemblies’;
  • A cut down on town hall ‘fat cats’ and the lowest ever rise in council tax, followed by a council tax freeze in 2011;
  • The number of local parks and green spaces with ‘Green Flag’ status double, increasing the total to more than any other local authority in Yorkshire;
  • Education results at all age levels improving, catching up to the national average and reversing the trend of poor performance;
  • Upwards of £600 million secured to repair every road in Sheffield and end the infamous ‘pot-hole city’ tag;
  • Sheffield move from being the worst place to do business in South Yorkshire to the best, demonstrated by the announcement of thousands of jobs;
  • Two beloved community post offices reopened and council services offered in the community through local post offices;
  • The introduction of a Climate Change Fund and other green measures, which saw Sheffield becoming the leading major UK city for the microgeneration of solar energy;
  • New festivals and city-centre events such as the acclaimed ‘Food Festival’ and the ‘Tramlines Festival’, dubbed the ‘urban Glastonbury’;
  • Over 13,000 homes insulated for free and a vastly improved kerbside recycling service that saw recycling rates increase.